About Us

About Us
Formed in 1993 and growing year after year Trans-Plus possesses a deep-rooted service philosophy: Our People, our equipment, are your resources.

Trans-Plus is much more than just logistics management, distribution and warehousing company. Our job is to make sure that from raw material to finished goods, we provide the services and information necessary to give our clients, a competitive advantage in the management of their supply chains.
Our business is ensuring quality customer service and our people are what make that happen. Our employees try to ensure that we exceed our customer’s expectations and they thrive on your success.
Our systems are always evolving with the latest hardware and software. All of our offices and warehouses are linked via high-speed lines using the same hardware and running off of the same transportation software. We always continue to invest in this critical area.
TransPlus operates two modern, up-to-standard warehouses. One in the Greater Montreal Area (270,000 sq. ft.) as well as one in Greater Toronto Area (150,000 sq. ft.)

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